Great Bar Room Signs!

bar sign 1

bar sign 2

bar sign  3

bar sign 4

bar sign 5

bar sign 6

bar sign 7

bar sign 8

bar sign 9

bar sign 10

bar sign 11

bar sign 12

~~~ and perhaps the most realistic one ~~~

bar sign 13

Editor’s Note: Someone had set these up probably in a word document. The email that I got had this very nasty code. I tried to clean up the code so that I could post it as origninal, but WP got a severe head ache with the code. It then occurred to me to take screen shots of the table cells and redo the email with images. This took a bit of time, but not as much as I wasted with my html editor trying to clean up the code enough so that it might have some hope of displaying within a WordPress post. I hope you enjoyed them!


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