Boudreaux and Thibodeau’s Joke of the Day

Joke of the Day

Boudreau & Thibodeau were talking one afternoon, and Boudreau tells Thibodeau, “You know, I tink I’m ready for a lil vacation. But, dis year I wants to do sumting different. De las’ few year, I took your suggestion bout where to go. Tree year ago you say I should go to Hawaii, an’ I did an’ Marie got pregnant. De next year you say to go to de Bahamas. Marie got pregnant agin. And las year you tol me to go to Tahiti. Sure enough, Marie got pregnant again.

And Thibodeau asks Boudreau, “What you gonna do dis year dat’s different?”

And Boudreau says, “Dis year I gonna bring Marie wid me…”

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